Vintage BOGOLON Mudcloth Natural fade Cape/shawl . I hand selected it from my PRIVATE STASH COLLECTION for it's Pale naturaly faded BOGOLON mudcloth and most of all the soft texture. The center back decorative strip is from Bogolon mudcloth and is 100% cotton.


All the textiles I use are vintage and have seen much of life already. Over dyeing and the possibly of more fading in certain areas within this particular textile can be detected and is expected.


Measures approx: Back width 36"

Front Panels 18" x 40" from shoulder line

Neck to hem: 34

Shoulder drop: 18"

Total length: 75" .


All Inquiries from Austraila will be directed to the SCOUT & ARROW in Bangalow NSW is carrying my work.

CAPE / SHAWL Vintage BOGOLON Mud Cloth.. Private Stash Collection

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